Community Agreements

Camp Community Agreements

*Print this out and keep it with your packing list. Bring to camp/retreat.


  1. Seek intentional learning - not perfection.
  2. Mutual Respect - create space for multiple truths. Honor the feelings of yourself and others. Celebrate and embrace different perspectives.
  3. Attentive Listening - be present. Listen for understanding, not to respond.
  4. Assume Best Intentions - everyone comes in with different knowledge and experiences. Believe the best about others.
  5. Try - be open to trying something new.
  6. Step up, Step back - be mindful of how much space you are taking. If too little, step in and join the group more. If too much, step back and allow space for someone else to take the floor.
  7. Honor your needs - physically tune in, listen, and follow your body’s needs.
  8. Right to Pass - participation is not mandatory, and you know your limits best.
  9. Be Patient - there is no destination, so let’s enjoy the process!
  10. No competition vibes - focus on your own journey.


Camp Community Rules

  1. No substances (drugs or alcohol) at the retreat. 
  2. Covid Conscious - If you are sick, stay home.
  3. No going into other camper’s cabins unless you are invited.
  4. No touching of other camper’s property or bed space.
  5. No leaving the camp grounds.
  6. You must come to all events, activities, and meals unless you talk or text a camp counselor beforehand.
  7. Parents are not allowed at camp, if you need them to bring you something you must ask a counselor first.  
  8. Wash your Dishes in your cabin.
  9. No removing cups/plates from the dining area, or removing cups/plates from the cabins.
  10. Phones are used only for taking photos or during breaks in your cabin. 
  11. Branch out and make new friends.
  12. If you must leave camp early, your parents must talk to the counselors and you may not return back to camp after leaving early. 

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