Hawaiian Lemurian Anchoring Light Retreat 2022

Have you ever wanted to paint magic?

Do you feel like you would like a deeper understanding of the energetic realms?

Do you feel you would like to explore your own innate healing abilities and creative language?

Join Izzy Ivy June 8-12, 2022 for a retreat on sacred Lemurian lands!

Combining my two greatest passions – healing and art, I am offering a retreat. A combination of practical, wisdom sharing and guided journeys, for a deepening to your sacred painting practice. Learn technique, unlock your unique energetic key codes and imbue intention. Focus is on finding your own creatively language and attunements that are totally unique to you.

No painting experience required, however will cater for a range of abilities.

Including Art materials, Paints, Canvas included, but if you have your own that is great too.

We will be working with acrylic paints but using a medium that gives us more or a oil-paint effect fluidity.

Fusing ancient/traditional techniques in art and magic and weaving these with the current paradigm. Sharing the secrets and revelations of my own creative and spiritual discoveries.

Through deep guided journeys, we discover unique power symbols we each hold within, unlocking more of who we are as artists and healers. 

Anchoring this process as we traverse these inner realms on canvas. Seeding a creatively empowered new chapter and an array of new technical skills.

A coalescence of painting technique, reiki, guided journeying and ancient symbol magic, Honoring life-force energy, light and shadow work with its roots in a ceremony.… The easel is your Altar.


Izzy Ivy is an international visionary art painter, healer and teacher specialising in facilitating expanding the horizons of the human experience through art. The easel is her alter and she is passionate about making images that actively raise the vibration of the environment and observer. Through intention and devotion to spirit, she is dedicated to opening doorways to the greater reality, give voice to the unseen, grounding and activating the collective dreaming. Deep symbolism is adorned with colour, beauty and accessibility, she speaks to the heart, evoking a stiring in the soul, an awakening beyond the illusion, an unfurling to the remembering.

Always delving in the creative side of otherworldly realms, Izzy’s truest inspiration is painting. … this journey has taken her life by storm, allowing her to give voice to her mystical experiences the adventures through her spiritual and healing work.

Many of the creations are conceived through dance, during this free flow, unique beings start to weave their light. The process unravels further once back in front of the canvas… information unfurls in richly coloured, inviting worlds with welcoming guardians.

Izzy is passionate about reminding us that magic exists, that we hold the codes to becoming the greatest version of our selves and that we all have wings.

Fusing a sense of childlike innocence with a sense of all-knowing depth and strength in her characters, she combines art with the spirit  that dances her.  Seeding subtle symbolism for the collective dreaming and keys to a deeper remembering…

http://www.izzyivyart.com  /  Instagram:  @izzy_ivy_art  /  Facebook : @izzyivyart

Ashley Scheiba is the founder of Way of Light Yoga Retreats. Ashley is passionate about creating spiritual growth experiences of connection through retreats. She is an artistic swimmer, yoga instructor, certified animal and human reiki healer, and caregiver of horses and children. She is currently practicing ukulele, the harmonium and guitar to connect to her voice and spirit. She has taken painting classes from both Izzy Ivy and Star Bolton of the Orchid Isle Manor and continues to delve into her own painting magic.

Instagram: @wayofsunlight

Retreat Daily Schedule:
Day 1: Arrival, Opening Beach Ceremony
Day 2: Anchoring Light Painting Workshop
Day 3: Volcano National Park, Beach Snorkeling
Day 4: Anchoring Light Painting Workshop, Closing Ceremony at the Beach
Day 5: Morning Yoga, Rainforest Hiking, Departure

Airport location info: KOA Airport
Van transportation provided at all times with facilitators 

Arrival and Departure:

Check in time is at 3:00pm to the Orchid Isle. If you are arriving the same day as the retreat starts plan to arrive at 1:00 or 2:00pm for direct airport pick up by us. The latest we can do is a 4:00pm pick up because we will all go to the beach. If you are on the island you may take a taxi to the Orchid Isle. There are not accommodations provided for early arrivals before the start of the retreat.

On the last day we will finish swimming at 12:00pm. We will return to the Orchid Isle for suitcase pickup. A van will be used for airport drop-off. Ideally your flight is around 3pm.

Orchid Isle Manor is a five acre estate in the Kona Coffee Country on the Orchid Isle of Hawai’i. Orchid Isle Manor has an on site yoga/dance studio and a mermaid lagoon (hot tub).

Note: The owner has her pet outdoor cats on the property. We ask all everyone to not let them inside the cabins due to allergies.

Sleeping Arrangements:
There are four cottages. You can request to be in a cottage with your friends in your registration form. The facilitators will be in the main manor house where the catering is prepared. You are able to come knock on our door at anytime, day or night if you need something.

Retreat Payment Information:

The price of the retreat is $1,600 US Dollars. This includes everything except your flight to Kona. Registration requires acceptance of your waiver, registration form, and a deposit of $600. The second payment of $600 is to be received on or before March 1st, 2022 to Way of Light Yoga Retreats LLC. The final payment of $400 is to be paid in cash upon arrival to the retreat.

The Refund Policy is outlined in the Liability Waiver. Please secure travel insurance due to COVID-19.

Hawaiʻi has been open for tourism with the Safe Travels Program since November 2020.

Feedback from Previous Workshops:

“This was the best workshop I’ve ever participated in and if anyone gets a chance to do it then I highly recommend it! We learned SO much but also felt creatively nurtured, highly inspired and the group energy was immense. The mediation journeys unlocked parts of the soul and mind to pour down onto canvas and I’ve never felt so confident with a brush before, normally reverting to pens… I’ve started a second piece now to channel all the new skills I’ve learned. Thank you so much Izzy Ivy for such a magical experience.”

Zara Ellisreid

Your workshop in Glastonbury was amazing, thank you so much.. Learnt loads, had an amazing deep healing experience and made an art I’m really happy with to boot. The whole weekend flowed perfectly and it was such an honour to paint with you. From this picture it looks like you’ve just done done much the same again.. Massively recommend Izzy’s workshops to anyone who feels drawn 

Sarah Phoenix

Questions Before Registration? Send Us a Note!