Way of Light Yoga Retreats is a single member LLC owned by Ashley Scheiba.

Way of Light Yoga Retreats creates space for transformation and healing. Through human connection, art, yoga, dance, meditation, travel and water we hope to increase the overall wellbeing of our community.

Hawaii Synchro Camp and Retreat is the first of its kind. It is a natural progression of the healing that is taking place for many athletes at this time who are expanding and creating art from their heart. We hope to share this with you.

Quotes from athletes about Coach Ashley:

“You may be wondering…What is so special about these practices that everyone else could do?  I’ll tell you. Have you ever heard of mindfulness? Mindfulness is similar to meditating; both being the act of calming your mind. When we have practice we take thirty minutes in the beginning of class or towards the end of class to  catch up in stretching and mindfulness, we also like to keep tabs on a daily journal we keep track of either in goals, health, the foods we eat, and days we practice our training video. Our training video is a video (by Ashley) starring many warm-up stretches, exercises and a bit of yoga. One more thing that really encourages me are our many Synchro friends, like one of our distance coaches who is an Olympian and this always encourages us because we look up to her.” – Audrey, Tualatin Hills Synchro

“Coach Ashley demands kindness. She tells us that, “on this team, we are kind to each other.” Last year, I was called out for only hanging out with my best friend at practice. Ashley encouraged me to think about this, about how other people might feel, and about how it affects the team. She told me that we are all one big team and not separate teams of friends. So I talked to my best friend about including more friends. We made friends with everybody. We found out that it was more fun to have the entire team as friends” – M, Age 10, Tualatin Hills Synchro

“Coach Ashley is a very good coach.Here are some things that describe her.
Open Hearted
Your amazing and rare coach”
– Megan, Age 9, Tualatin Hills Synchro

Quotes about Coach Ali:

“I have been fortunate enough to be able to work with Coach Ali for the past two years. Coach Ali is not only an amazing athlete and coach, but a very inspiring person. She has helped me grow so much in synchro, yoga, and as a person. She explains things in a clear way which makes sense to to me and  my teammates. It is evident that she pays close attention to each person individually so they can grow together. She has a very calm method of coaching but still manages to make everyone feel as if they improved on at least one skill. Anyone will improve so much both as a person and swimmer if they have the incredible opportunity to work with her.” – Liv, age 11, Southern California

“Ali has been one of my daughter’s synchro coach for approximately two years, and my daughter very lucky to have her in her life.  Ali is a phenomenal athlete, which in itself makes her a great role model for my daughter.  When Ali hops in the pool to demonstrate something to my daughter, I always hear about it for it truly is one of the highlights of a work out.   However, what I think makes Ali an exceptional coach is her overall dedication to her craft, her students and her energy.  Ali is purposeful and calm.  Her mindfulness comes across to parents who interact with her and permeates through her yoga exercises and synchro work outs.   In the frantic world we live in, I think my daughter is so lucky to learn from such an accomplished athlete in a purposeful and mindful way.” – Southern California, February 2020