How much synchro experience do I need?

We will have multiple coaches and can provide different levels of training during the synchro portion of the event. If you have concerns about your proficiency, we would be happy to talk to you about it.

What is the singing activity all about?

We believe that opening your voice both in word and song is an important part of expressing yourself fully in your life. Some of this practice will come in the form of sharing some of our journaling work. Vocal activities will include simple vocal warmups and group practice. As with any other portion of the retreat, participation will be encouraged, but is always voluntary and optional.

Is it legal/ethical to swim with dolphins?

It is illegal to harass dolphins. The current laws do not prohibit swimming near them. Our philosophy is to do so in a safe and respectful way. We feel a strong co-resonance with the company we’ve chosen for the wild dolphin swim. Check out their website to learn more: https://sunlightonwater.com/

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